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ProTex Monetization Deck
  • Once a client is registered on our site, we complete the Agency Appointment form 50-162, register the appointment with the relevant appraisal district, and assign the client to our local tax agent.
  • Our agent will research the home using the local MLS and Assessor records, and confirm the property characteristics with the homeowner before beginning the protest.
  • During the tax season, our agent will use ProTex's comparable selection technique to identify the most similar sales and listings from the local MLS, and export them to a .CSV file
  • This .CSV file will be uploaded into our proprietary Tax Protest Generator, where our agent will perform conventional appraisal technique to reconcile a conservative opinion of fair market value
  • Our agent will complete all requisite protest forms on behalf of the client and perform all necessary follow-up with the appraisal district until a resolution has been achieved.
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