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Appoint Us as Your Tax Agent!


Our tax consultants are local real estate professionals that know your market area inside and out


We automatically protest your property taxes with your Appraisal District every year, on time, and without fail


Our interests are aligned with our clients; There are no upfront fees, and if your taxes are not reduced, you pay nothing

About Us

About Us

ProTex is a highly-specialized property tax reduction firm with a focus on residential properties. Founded by a real estate broker and appraiser with two decades of experience, we have the skills to lower your property tax appraisal and potentially save you thousands.

Why Choose ProTex?

Every year Texas homeowners have the right to appeal the county's appraised value of their home; however, this process can be tedious and complex. Consequently, nearly half of Texans are paying too much property tax.


The typical homeowner doesn't have the time, data, or expertise to successfully appeal their property appraisal to maximize their tax savings.

When you appoint ProTex as your agent for property tax matters, we will review your Annual Notice of Appraised Value, protest the tax appraisal, and attend a hearing on your behalf to win you a fair and equitable value. You pay nothing unless we are successful in lowering your property taxes!

Forms can be downloaded here:


Form 50-162 / Agent Assignment

Form 50-813 / Agent Revocation

The Tax Appeal Process

The Tax Appeal Process

The protest phase begins each year when the appraisal notices are delivered to property owners. Section 41.41 of the Texas Property Tax Code defines actions a property owner is entitled to protest. Reasons are also listed on the protest form that accompanies the valuation notices sent by the Appraisal District. Property owners who decide to protest after receiving a notice of appraised value are required to indicate which reasons may apply or add additional comments, sign, date, and file the protest before the deadline on the appraisal notice. Failure to state a reason for your protest will result in your inability to protest that issue.

As illustrated, various reasons may be selected when filing a notice of protest form. The most common indicated for residential property are market and/or unequal. Value is over market value is checked when a property owner feels the district’s appraised value is excessive and the property would not sell on January 1st of that year for the amount determined by the Appraisal District. Value is unequal compared with similar properties is used to indicate the property is not appraised at the same level as a representative sample of comparable properties appropriately adjusted for various factors.

There are a few ways to protest:

  • You may file online by accessing our website at and using the online passcode on the appraisal notice if you are protesting either the value is over market, or the value is unequal compared with similar properties, or both

  • A second option to file is by filling out the protest form you received with the notice of value and mailing it to the Appraisal District by your protest deadline

  • Finally, a written protest may be hand delivered to our office by your protest deadline

Your protest deadline indicated on the appraisal notice is very important. By law, property owners who wish to file a protest must do so before May 15th or within thirty days after a notice of appraised value is delivered. Once you have completed the filing process, the Appraisal Review Board will mail you notification of the date, time, and place of your scheduled hearing. Hearings begin in May and end in July.

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